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Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder

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Frozen Crystals. The iridescent highlighting powder is a must-have for the trendy cool Glow Look. The baked, soft texture with white, silver and soft violet colour pigments is ideal for strobing fans with cooler skin tones.  If you love the High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder, the Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder is the perfect counterpart! 

Beauty Tip

A white-silver highlighter is the ideal partner for strobing fans with a cool, lighter skin type. The iridescent ice tone of the Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder underlines delicate porcelain complexions. The skin looks radiant and fresh. The soft texture can be applied with the fingers or a suitable brush and blends easily. The highlighting powder is perfect for the current strobing trend, which uses highlighter to emphasize the natural light points of the face. 

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