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Frosted Finish Beauty Kit

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  • Inspired By Nature
  • For a Glossed, Natural Look
  • Limited Edition 8 Piece Collection
  • Cruelty Free
  • Renewable Bamboo
  • 100% Vegan
  • Look Beautiful. Live Beautifully

The Frosted Finish Beauty Kit includes a unique collection of 7 brushes and a storage tray to help create a glossed, natural look and organize your beauty space.

Unlock You True Beauty

  1. Base: Create a soft, buildable base with the Skin Perfecting brush to apply foundation.
  2. Blur: Use the concealer brush to blur imperfections.
  3. Flush: Add a small hint of blush with the Round Powder brush for a rosy, natural flush.
  4. Shade: Build a light, clean look with the Full Shadow brush and a frosty eye shadow.
  5. Line: Add definition across lash line with the Angled Liner brush.
  6. Tame: Groom the brow with the Spoolie brush for a full, natural look.
  7. Gloss: Apply glass or color with the Flocked Lip brush for a frosted finish.

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