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Stay Put Brow Colour

Rp 120.000 Rp 110.000
4 Reviews

Stand out by filling in, like a pro. Count on superior staying power, the perfect amount of brow color, precise application and intense definition. Choose your closest match or combine two shades to achieve the most envy-inducing brows imaginable. Dual-ended, professional brush included.

Ratings and Reviews

Luqi Suharsono
03 August 2017
Brunette Color
This is the cheaper one and easy to create your eyebrows with Milani Stay Put Colour. But I prefer the Dark Brown than Brunette. The Color of its brunette a bit grayish brown.
Thanks, Beautyhaulindo for the discount :)
Fina Milani
20 January 2017
Good product
Dengan harga segitu sih ini produk bagus banget. Tapi karna aku tipe kulitnya oily, ini gak tahan lama diaku. Kuasnya bagusss bgtt, selain buat aplikasiin ke alis bisa buat eyeliner jugaa
Kezia Gunawan
09 November 2016
Really obsessed
Produk nya bagus banget, waterproof, longlasting,, super
afrilia nahumarury
20 October 2016
suka sih awalnyaa
*ini kayaknya mau nge-dupe-in ABH dipbrow pomade itu. awal2 pake bagus sih.
*Kuas dan sikatnya enak dipake, bisa bikin alis jadi presisi,
*waterproof dan smudgeproof as its claim

udah kering duluan sebelum habis. Mungkin karna udah 4 bulan yaa.. jadi kering di pot nya dan gak bisa lagi dipake. Awal2 masih maksain make, tapi lama2 makin kering dan jelek kalo diaplikasiin.

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